Our services

“Beyond the borders” it is not just a simple motto but represents the philosophy of a company that gives almost 30 years moves merchandise all over the world.

No barrier, no political decision has us never prevented from reaching any destination in the world, from TIME SENSITIVE to PROJECT and today we are able to offer a full range of services dedicated to our customers.

Road Transportation

Always specialized in long distances, today we boast a group of over 100 reliable and historical suppliers able to cover the various Italian regions, including the islands. We offer a wide range of DEDICATED services, from groupage to full load, with our own vehicles for services expressed A on A or A on B.

On the European scene we are able to offer groupage services in joint with the main consolidators, both partial and complete services taking advantage of the wide range of foreign carriers that collaborate with our company for years.

Both in Italy and abroad we operate with out-of-shape loads, boasting specialist and expert personnel for the management of stocks and permits and for the transport of exceptional loads throughout Europe.

Sicurezza & Protezione

Approfitta della nostra esperienza nel fornire soluzioni veloci ed efficaci.

Consegne Rapide

Effettuiamo consegne rapide indipendentemente dal tipo di trasporto scelto sia esso stradale, marittimo oppure aereo

Cortesia & Professionalità

Tutto il nostro team di supporto sarà pronto a trovare le soluzioni più adeguate alla tua attività.