Our service

“Beyond the borders” it is not just a simple motto but represents the philosophy of a company that gives almost 30 years moves merchandise all over the world.

No barrier, no political decision has us never prevented from reaching any destination in the world, from TIME SENSITIVE to PROJECT and today we are able to offer a full range of services dedicated to our customers.

Warehouse Services

The desire to increase the capacity of CCS has led to investments to increase the receptive spaces. Today CCS boasts about 5000 square meters covered and uncovered warehouse spaces of the entire property.

We are able to offer spaces for long-term deposits, spaces for daily in-out logistics, spaces to support container consolidation and transport vehicles.

In collaboration with companies located in our area we also offer a packaging service on site.


Take advantage of our experience in providing effective solutions to the complex global supply chains of some of the world's largest companies.


We make quick deliveries regardless of the type of transport chosen, be it road, sea or air


You'll find the entire CCS support team ready to apply their passion for solutions to support your business.